Deutsche Welle Global Media Forum Session proposal form 2019

Thank you for your interest in the 2019 Deutsche Welle Global Media Forum!
The upcoming conference, with the focus theme "Shifting Powers", will be held from May 27 – 28, 2019, in Bonn, Germany.

If you/your organization would like to contribute to the wide variety of inspiring high-quality sessions, you may fill out this session proposal form.
It is best to include the details and show a clear idea of the topic, speakers and format of your session.However your session does not have to be fully planned and filled at this stage - we are happy to help you develop your session further once the proposal has been accepted.  

Your proposal will be reviewed according to the four review criteria: 
-  Current relevance of the topic
-  Interactivity of session format
-  Speaker relevance and diversity
-  Relevance to the overarching GMF theme   

The deadline for submitting your application has been extended to January 15, 2019.

Please be aware that all costs (travel, accommodation for speakers as well as speaker fees) have to be covered by your organization.

1. Title

Please provide a newsworthy headline for your session.

2. Session description

Please provide the content and overall objectives of your session. What do you want to achieve? Which topics do you want to cover? Which questions do you intend to explore and answer during your session? This text should act as a potential session description for conference participants - so please be as precise as possible.

3. Relevance to the focus theme

3.1. How does your session relate to the a) overall focus theme "Shifting Powers" and b) the media aspects of the GMF?
How do you intend to ensure international relevance?

3.2. To which of the following thematic dimensions of the GMF would you assign to your session? 
(choose max. 2)

4. Format

Sessions should be inspiring and interactive. Engaging the audience from the beginning is of great importance. We strongly recommend implementing interactive session formats to engage the audience from the outset. How will you avoid a ‘show-and-tell’ style session?

5. Protagonists

Your speakers, moderators and/or other session protagonists should come from diverse regional and disciplinary backgrounds and need to be able to provide expert opinions to drive the discussion forward as true change-makers in their fields.

5.1. Please list at least two potential protagonists whom you have contact to. How are they relevant to your session? Why are they in the best position to discuss the issue?

5.2. We strongly recommend that you designate experienced moderators and/or professional journalists to guide through your session. Should you already have a designated moderator, please note his/her name and function here.

5.3. Do you require a DW Host for your session?

6. Communications

We encourage you to create awareness about the GMF topics and discussions. We offer promotional tools including the official GMF logo, banners and teasers. Enhancing the visibility of the forum and the sessions is a collective effort through online and offline advertising as well as community engagement.  

How do you plan to engage with the GMF community and promote your session and its outcomes before, during and after the GMF? Please be as concrete as possible.